Dorlon Manor

Dorlon Manor is a motte and bailey-style ( keep near the impassable mountains that form the northwestern border. The terrain is steep, the weather temperate, the land productive enough for the small population but not particularly wealthy. The keep is located in the approximate center of the lands it oversees.

The keep maintains a small temple to the Olympian gods and a couple of itinerant priests. Each village has a (usually unstaffed) shrine, and simple household shrines are not uncommon.

Here as elsewhere in the kingdom, the population is mainly human and halfling, with a smattering of other humanoids. Dwarves pass through occasionally but do not settle, and elves live deep in the forests, having little to do with anything outside their own communities.

The current Lord Dorlon is Sir Rasmus Staber. His father was granted the demesne by the Baron of Moonvale as a reward for having served the baron in a battle with a neighbor, the last time this part of the kingdom saw any serious trouble. Before that, the keep was empty for several generations; the local population has been slowly increasing since it has been reoccupied. Dorlon himself is now elderly, heirless, and at peace with his neighbors. He is a generally amiable lord without any particular talent for it, who spends most of his time in the past. Maintenance of the keep has always been a haphazard affair, and has fallen behind in recent years.

The keep's sole claim to prominence is the annual autumn passage of the dwarven trade caravan from the mountains toward the Crescent river for eventual transshipment to all points of the compass. (It returns north via another route.)

Dorlon is located in the barony of Moonvale, in the Coronet of Bone, in the Kingdom of Athys, formerly part of the Empire. Moonvale itself is the nearest town of any size.

Dorlon Village is attached to the manor and surrounded by a wooden stockade. The gates are open from sunrise to sunset, and generally unguarded.

Immediately around the manor for some distance are the tilled lands and pastures. A path leads out to the old road that goes to and from the mountains. Maintenance of this stretch is one of the lord's duties.

The village is also home base for traders and craftsmen who do not find enough business in any one of the six villages that make up the demesne, but make regular rounds through the area. There is also a scattered population of herders, hunters, trappers, etc. in the higher forests.

Dorlon Manor

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